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Privacy Policy

It is wise to be vigilant about security and privacy policies. We make sure that no personal information ever gets out from our team. But it is crucial to guide you through the policies, so you can be aware of the privacy terms and keep them in mind.

Privacy policies help to maintain transparency and accountability on how we collect your data. It is our responsibility to keep your personal information secure with us and it is vigilance on your part to go through all the policies which may come into the picture in the future.

Here is how we deal with our information: -

  • All information is kept within the data of the company and not provided to anyone.
  • No student or tutor information is provided to third parties.
  • Payment gateways are secured and hassle-free. We accept payments via all the methods so that you don’t have to be tense about the process.
  • It is advisable not to save the card details while making a transaction, but in case you do and feel a requirement of doing so, we assure you that it is safe for us.
  • Refund policies are maintained and a receipt will be provided after the transaction.
  • If any judicial procedure, court order, or legal proceeding happens, we have the right to disclose your information to the law or the court.
  • Personal Information will be disclosed if it is in regard to protecting your rights.
  • Your email IDs are our point of contact for us. Anything and everything will be sent in emails, be it payment confirmation, exam details, and any other services. You can also reach out to us via email.
  • We keep reviewing and adding up to the privacy policies, so it is advisable to frequently have a tab on the policies from our site.

We give priority to security and invest in building a secure network of all the data that is with us. Rest assured, your data is safe with us, so take your exams and classes without any tension. 


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