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Terms and Condtion

We take full responsibility for delivering the right services to you on time. If we fail to do so, if we fail to provide anything we mentioned in our services, you are eligible to ask for a refund and follow the refund policies.

If we fail to deliver our services you have all the right to ask for reimbursement and we will take that upon ourselves and accept our mistakes providing you with your money back. Here are a few scenarios where you can apply for money back.

  • Failed to conduct your exam: If we fail to conduct your exam at the given time, which rarely happens but in case it does, you are eligible and have the right to ask for refunds.
  • Duplicate Transaction: If by chance, due to an internet connectivity issue or glitch in the gateway, you got a notification of a duplicate/ double transaction, you can apply for a refund in such cases.

No Refund will be processed if

  • Fail to appear for the exam: If students fail to appear for the exam in the given time, then they won’t be eligible for a refund. If we fail to conduct an exam on time from our side, then you can always claim a refund.
  • Scoring Fewer Grades: We are entitled to provide your grades according to the way you attend your exam. Grace marking and partial checking are avoided strictly. If in case you score fewer marks we provide you with proper evaluation notes which will help you in identifying your mistakes and improve them. You will not be eligible for a refund if you score fewer marks or lower than what you desired.
  • Slot change: If you booked a slot and want to change it 24 hours before the exam, you will not be able to ask for a refund. Refunds are not eligible in such cases.

Refund Timeline and Process

We take every concern into priority and follow a process accordingly. If you want to apply for a refund and are eligible for it, you can write us an email.

  • Once we receive your email, our internal team will take 7 business days to look into it and check it.
  • Once everything is checked, we will respond that we are processing your refund.
  • Once the processing is done, it takes 7 business days to reflect in your bank accounts.
  • If it is delayed you can connect back with us through the company’s email ID and we will look into it again. 

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